The head of operations of the Third Brigade giants killed in the West Coast ,the government of Hadi admits




A military source said that a military leader ,loyal to the UAE, was killed early Monday by the fire of the Yemeni joint forces in the West Coast

According to a Yemeni source, the head of the operations of the third brigade Brigadier General “Abdullah Said Al-Awadli” with a number of aides were killed in clashes with the Yemeni joint forces, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of gunmen from the coalition during the past two days.

The government of Hadi,the fugitive former president, whose troops suffered a major holocaust on the west coast, which took place on Friday and Saturday, has killed more than 120 of its troops, most of them from the Third Brigade and wounded hundreds.

The official website of Hadi’s government published on Sunday that Hadei was condole over the killing of the head of operations of the Third Brigade, Brigadier General Abdullah Saeed Zghineh al-Awadli and a number of his companions in the West Coast Front.