Internal conflicts, a reign of influence, renewed control ,mutual assassinations in the areas controlled by paid fighters in Taiz



One of the paid fighters was killed on Friday night by unknown gunmen in the center of the city of Taiz.

Local sources said that unidentified gunmen on a motorcycle shot one of the paid fighter soldiers while he was in the vicinity of their military tank , which is located in the market of AL-Qobah in the center of the city.

The sources pointed out that the bullets hit the soldier on the head, which led to his death immediately.

Last week, activists from the province of Taiz revealed about the bodies of four paid fighters ,dressed in army uniforms at the Al-Aqsa school, while two other members of the military police were found inside the military intelligence barracks in the mercantile district of the city.

It is noteworthy that large areas within the city of Taiz for the fourth year in a row, witness many scenes of criminality ,assassinations , killings and physical assassinations daily since they were taken over by the groups of Tkfiri base and -Daesh and many different factions which committed treason and mercenary for forces of the coalition.