The governor of Lahj charges the UAE of killing the people of the south




The governor of Lahj province ,Sheikh Ahmad Hamoud Jerib Subaihi, the sons of the South participating in the battle of the West Coast to liberate Aden from the UAE forces, calling the figures and the national leadership of the south  to “stop the bleeding of southern blood in those battles that do not interest the South.

Jerib considered the southern participation of forces trained and financed by the UAE in those battles as “the historical mistake that the southerners did not realize until today, a risk to the future of the south and its just cause.”

He stressed that “the alliance of the aggtession led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE describe  the southerners on the fronts of the West Coast ,Saada, Asir, Jizan and Najran, taking advantage of the deterioration of their living conditions and their need to get a source of income in the systematic liquidation in the death battles in the north.

He pointed out that «hundreds of dead bodies of people of the south are still on the battle of the West Coast and on the fronts beyond the border for weeks».