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The sufferings of the Yemeni ports

YemenExtra Y.A Minister of Transport, Zakaria Al-Shami, and Minister of Finance, Sharaf-Alddin Al-Kahlani, on Tuesday in Sana'a, discussed the situation of the Yemen Red Sea Ports Corporation and the difficulties it faces in light of…

Human rights activista at the hands of Islah forces

YemenExtra Y.A Islah forces in Taiz on executed a human rights activist in an attempt to terrorize opponents of the party. Local sources revealed that members of a military point belongs to the Fourth Brigade, stationed in…

Who is in charge of diseases all over Yemen!

YemenExra Y.A The National Diabetes Center (NDC) on Tuesday launched a distress call to save 30,000 registered cases of the disease as a result of lack of resources and scarcity of drugs due to the aggression and siege. The…