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Yemeni childern pay the price of the war

YemenExtra Y.A Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US, hold accountable for the massacres and sufferings of Yemeni children. Hundreds of thousands of children have been infected with suspected cholera in Yemen in the first six…

Features and Capabilities of Samad-1, Samad-3 Drones

YemenExtra Y.A The Military Industries Division of the Armed Forces of Yemen revealed the capabilities and characteristics of two drones, Samad 3, and Samad 1. Scenes of Qasef K2 drones flying in the skies for the first time since…

The weapon of World Food Program threatens Yemeni lives

YemenExtra Y.A The World Food Program distributed large quantities of rotten and expired flour in Rimah province. Citizens appealed to the concerned parties to put an end to such practices, accusing the WFP of disregarding their…