Shocking Figures of Saudi Losses in its War against Yemen




Losses of Saudi Arabia in its war on Yemen amounted to $ 725 billion so far, Foreign Policy revealed. If these funds were spent on the rise of Saudi Arabia, it would have been risen and developed, it added.


The Saudi aggression against Yemen caused it an economic recession and grumbling by the various industrial and commercial sectors, in addition to the disintegration in the ruling family after the imprisonment of its most important symbols in the Ritz Hotel and the resultant smuggling of funds to outside.


This large amount was spent to kill Yemeni children and women and destroy infrastructure, the Foreign Policy report said, Saudi money was also used to kill Syrians and destroy their country.


Thousands of civilians, children, women and old people have been victimized by this aggression without achieving any real military achievements, it added. Indeed, the war has cost Saudi Arabia huge sums that will make it stand on the brink of bankruptcy.


The magazine published in its report some fine details, for example, it spoke about the costs of two warships followed by six accompanying frigates, indicating that the ship’s rent is $ 150 million per day, that is, “300” million dollars per day for the two warships and their dependencies. The warship carries 6,000 soldiers with their equipment, 450 aircraft with their pilots and also has long-range cannons and missiles, meaning that the total costs of the two ships with their accessories amounted to 54 billion dollars within 6 months.


The costs of the expenses of two satellites for military purposes of one hour is one million dollars. With a simple calculation, we find that the cost of the two satellites per day is 48 million dollars, or one billion and 440 million dollars during one month. If you multiply it by six months it will cost 8 billion and 640 million dollars. Analyzing, displaying and extracting information from the images and data of the military satellites would cost $ 5 million per day for the satellite, or $ 10 million per day, or $ 300 million per month, bringing the amount to one billion and 800 million dollars within six months.


The cost of the AWACS aircraft is $ 250,000 in an hour, or $ 6 million per day, equivalent to $ 180 million per month, or one billion and $ 80 million within six months.


So far, the Saudi aerial aggression have carried out approximately 35,000 raids on Yemen launched by more than 150 aircraft, during which they cast 140,000 missiles on mostly civilian and populated targets, with their forms and types, including internationally prohibited; 40,000 small-sized missiles, each with a cost of 150,000 dollars, totaling 6 billion dollars, 50,000 medium-sized missiles, each with a cost of 300,000 dollars, with a total of 15 billion dollars, and 50,000 large-sized missiles with a cost of one Of which 500 thousand dollars, totaling 25 billion.


Air supply and aviation fuel: the cost of maintenance, spare parts and kerosene for each aircraft in a single raid is $ 150,000, the total number of raids would cost $ 5 billion.


Weapons deals: Al Saud regime purchased US-made weapons with $ 150 billion, in addition to training, maintenance and spare parts for five years. It purchased aircraft from France worth 36 billion. The Saudis also paid $ 26 billion to purchase French Rafale fighter jet as a gift to Egypt.


Saudi Arabia has lost 300 tanks and armored vehicles of the latest types on the border since the beginning of its aggression against Yemen.


The Kingdom grants the US and the European Union oil at reduced prices for a period of 3 months, and since the US imports approximately 10 million barrels per day from the Gulf states, the difference is $ 150 million per day, and the total amount reaches $ 13 billion within 3 months, most of it is Saudi. As for the European Union, the size of the discount reached nearly 4 billion dollars.


The American magazine report concludes that the approximate total of what Saudi Arabia has spent since the beginning of its war on Yemen amounted to $ 725 billion


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