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Shocking Figures of Saudi Losses in its War against Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A Losses of Saudi Arabia in its war on Yemen amounted to $ 725 billion so far, Foreign Policy revealed. If these funds were spent on the rise of Saudi Arabia, it would have been risen and developed, it added. The…

The Saudi-led coalition’s losses in Hadramout

YemenExtra Y.A A group of Saudi military personnel, including a commander, were killed on Thursday with an explosive device in Hadramout province. Media sources stated that the commander of the Saudi force stationed in the valley of…

Heavy losses amid the coalition on this front

YemenExtra Y.A The Yemeni army forces'  missile force launched on Monday evening a ballistic missile type Badr-1-P to coalition’s paid fighters in Dhalea province, targeting gatherings of the paid fighters in north of the province.…