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Who is in charge of diseases all over Yemen!

YemenExra Y.A The National Diabetes Center (NDC) on Tuesday launched a distress call to save 30,000 registered cases of the disease as a result of lack of resources and scarcity of drugs due to the aggression and siege. The…

Shabwa is the secne of Saudi-led coalition’s mess

YemenExtra Y.A The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militia on Tuesday attacked headquarters of special forces the exiled Hadi’s government in Ataq city, the capital of Shabwa province, southeast of Yemen. According…

Yemeni history between the jaws of the Saudi-led coalition

YemenExra Y.A number of extremist elements belongs to the forces of Hadi destroyed one of the historic domes in Tor Baha Directorate of Lahj province, local sources reported. According to the the sources, extremist elements joining…