A Coalition Armed Gang Kidnapped a Woman from her House in Taiz




An armed gang belonging to Coalition-backed militiamen on Sunday kidnapped a woman from her house in Taiz province, a security source reported .

The armed group of the brigade 145 militiamen, belonging kidnapped the woman called, Jameela Abdo Sufian Hassan, after storming her home next to the clinic in Salami valley neighborhood, and taking her an unknown destination.

The official pointed out that armed gangs belonging to the exile Hadi militiamen and loyal to the coalition carried out kidnappings of women on a continuous basis, and female students on their return from school, pointing out that some are killed and some of them are released after days.

Yemen condemned the kidnapping of women in Taiz, and in areas under the control of the coalition forces, in light of the continued chaos and insecurity in Taiz.