Saudi fighters kidnap a group of women in western Yemen



In an incident similar to what happened at Swaida in Syria, a group of women in Tuheita district southern Hodeida have been kidnapped on Sunday by UAE` mercenaries , who share the same Wahhabi ideology as al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and the so-called Islamic State (ISIS). Women were led to an unknown destination

It is not first times, on Julay 5, Saudi-led Coalition in alJawf, a Yemeni province located in middle of Yemen and captured by Saudi fighters, has kidnaped 35 years-old Sameera Marsh which stir up the anger of the Yemeni tribes. in prior that Saudi airstrikes attacked in a house in Ta`ze on first of July,kidnapping a girl

In that two incidents, women and men imany provinces held many protest rallies for condemning the crime of kidnapping a woman by Saudi-backed militiamen and hiding them from their family

Get back to kidnaped a group of women in Tuheita,The People’s Tribal Solidarity Council in Hodeidah have rised of anger and indignation of those who violated the sanctity and abducted a group of women

News of the incident soon spread, and has become a rare unifying issue for local residents. While Hodeidah residents – and indeed all Yemenis – may differ on various issues, most seem united in anger towards the Hadi government and Saudi-led coalition on this issue, due to the lack of official investigation

The People’s Tribal Solidarity Council called all the tribes of Yemen, especially Sheikhs, dignitaries and tribes of Tihama to be responsible and face this major violation by the invasive forces and their mercenaries

This incident was brought back to the minds of Yemenis raping a girl incident in Mokha western Yemen that happened in Apr 5, 201, when Sudanese troops raped Ramadhana, collect firewood, her family lives near the Aby Mosa al-Ashaari military camp in the district of al-Khawkha,which has led to widespread popular anger at the Hadi government and Saudi-led coalition

The incident, which happened Yestarday,Thursday, has united all sides in Yemen against the UN-recognised and Saudi-backed government of exiled Abd Rabbuh Hadi, as “authorities” have failed to formerly investigate the reported rape