It’s Time for U.S. to Stop Supplying Weapons to Saudi-Led Coalition : Washington Post




The discovery of U.S. munitions, that are used the Saudi-led coalition amid the rubble of civilian markets, homes, hospitals and hotels in Yemen has been a constant throughout Yemen’s devastating war, now well into its fourth year, newspaper Washington post stated in a report on Saturday.

The report said amnesty International has visited and investigated dozens of air strike sites in eight governorates.

Investigators from the United Nations and Human Rights Watch have unearthed similarly credible evidence.

In one case, documented by Amnesty International, on Aug. 25, 2017, a U.S.-manufactured Raytheon Paveway laser-guided bomb struck civilian homes in Yemen’s largest city, Sanaa. Five-year-old Buthaina was the sole survivor in her family; she lost five siblings ages 2 to 10 and both of her parents.

On Aug. 15, 2016, a Paveway guided missile hit a fully functioning Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) hospital, killing 11 people, including an MSF staff member, and injuring 19 others. This deprived a vulnerable population of vital health care and prompted MSF to withdraw staff from six other hospitals in northern Yemen.

Earlier this year the U.N. Panel of Experts published a report presenting evidence of U.K.- and U.S.-manufactured Paveway systems used in nine strikes, the report said .They resulted in 84 civilian deaths (with 77 injured) — 33 of them in a single incident, when a high-explosive bomb, assisted by a Paveway guidance kit, struck a motel in Arhab on Aug. , 23, 2017. This is surely just the tip of the iceberg.

The report said U.S. military officials appear increasingly rattled by reports of the deaths caused by American weapons. When pressed, Defense Secretary James Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon on Tuesday that U.S. support to the Saudi Arabia-led coalition is “not unconditional.”


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