The Saudi -led coalition in Yemen foils peace talks in Geneva ,UN expresses its disappointment




Disappointment and failure were expressed by the UN envoy ,Graveft ,about the consultations of Yemen, whose first seccion was scheduled to be held on Thursday in the Swiss capital, when it failed to get a permit from the coalition’s countries for an Omani plane to transport the delegation of Sanaa negotiator to the Swiss capital ,Geneva, and try to justify the coalition’s allegations that reflected its intentions to foil the consultations, whereas observers considered that the coalition headed through these obstacles and misleading propaganda to a military escalation and coalition’s constant campaign.

As a result of the rejection of the coalition’s countries and their obstruction of the arrival of the national negotiator delegation , the head of the national delegation, Mohammed Abdul Salam, on Thursday, made fun of the allegations of the of the coalition about granting permission to the delegation plane to participate in Geneva consultations.

Abdul Salam said in a tweet on “Twitter” in response to the allegations of the coalition that the national delegation didn’t have a plane to be authorized by the coalition which also needs a US permit.“The United Nations has asked for our participation in  Geneva consultations, so it itself must talk with the United States the United Kingdom,” he added . “We are not concerned with you or your permit, as you are ,” he concluded.

A source in the national delegation participating in Geneva consultations said on Wednesday that the coalition hindered the arrival of a United Nations’ plane to transport the delegation of Sana’a .

Sana’a delegation was due to leave for Geneva on Thursday to attend the Geneva talks scheduled on Thursday ,but it could not leave Sana’a airport so far , the source said.

The source confirmed that the coalition’s attempt to say that there were conditions of the delegation is an open fallacy expressing real intentions to thwart the UN envoy.

The source said in a press statement that “there is a complete absence of any real guarantees for the return of the national delegation after the consultations in Geneva, as the national delegation was delayed to return for more than three months in Muscat, after Kuwait negotiations had been ended, so then it took measures far from the framework of the United Nations.

The source questioned “we understand the reason of that they did not provide an Omani plane to the national delegation as disregarding the political and peaceful solution in Yemen, adding that “the United Nations can not secure its planes ,whereas the coalition had sent them down at Saudi airports arbitrarily, and noting that it also stopped the planes of the UN envoy at Sana’a airport for more than four hours.

The Yemeni Foreign Ministry, for its part, confirmed  the obstruction by the coalition.It announced late Wednesday that the coalition put obstacles to prevent the national delegation from participating in Geneva consultations.

The ministry added in a statement obtained by “YemenExtra”  that the failure to grant permission to operate an Omani plane aims to hamper the delegation from participating in Geneva consultations, confirming that these obstacles came after the coalition’s bet to force it to refuse participation through military escalation and massacres. It also expressed its appreciation for the efforts of the UN envoy to Yemen and his serious efforts to ensure the success of the consultations, noting that its permanent and steadfast choice is peace which is based on a just partnership under a unified and full sovereign Yemen.

Notably, a new military escalation about to take place ,despite the obstacles and hindrances implemented by the countries of the coalition to impede the national delegation from participating in the consultations , whereas an intelligence source reavled that the coalition is preparing to launch a new military campaign coincided with the start of Geneva consultations, which are scheduled to start on Thursday.

YemenExtra received information from the same sources that the UAE and Saudi Arabia are preparing to carry out a military campaign on the West Coast.

According to YemenExtra sources, the coalition brought more than 1,500 paid fighters from the African countries, mostly from Nepal to attack the West Coast, and supported them with variety of weaponary .

Sources confirmed that the attack will be accompanied by the start of the Geneva consultations to be held Thursday, as announced by the United Nations delegate to Yemen, while the coalition impede the national delegation from participating  in the consultations.

On the other hand, military sources confirmed their full readiness on all fronts to foil any new attack, pointing out that the forces of coalition will suffer heavy losses , whereas the Coast and the rest of the fronts will be a quagmire of their troops and their legions in the West Coast.

It is worth mentioning that the obstruction of the Yemeni peace consultations in Geneva by the US-backed Saudi-led coalition comes in light of the deteriorating humanitarian situation and tragic economic and health conditions suffered by the Yemeni people due to the military operations and the continued land , sea and air blockade and the continuation of military operations, in which the Yemeni people have been living since March 2015.
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