International organization: # UAE involved in serious human rights violations in Yemen




The United Arab Emirates has been involved in serious human rights violations in Yemen, Human Rights HWR said .

“Former detainees have reported brutally treating them, beating them with iron bars, wooden sticks and rifles,” the# UN said in a new report, accusing forces loyal to the Yemeni government and the United Arab Emirates of participating in the US-backed Saudi-led coalition directly involved in the abuses.

“The forces loyal to the United Arab Emirates and the forces of the so-called Yemeni government , refering to in Hadi government, loyal to the coalition, practiced indiscriminate detention, torture and forced disappearance of dozens of people in Yemen,” the organization said in a report on Tuesday,noting that “indiscriminate detention , torture, rape, and employment of children are widely used.

#The Associated Press reported last May that it had documented at least 18 secret prisons in southern Yemen under the administration of Emiratis or Yemeni forces ,set up and trained by the UAE, according to reports compiled by former detainees, prisoners’ families, lawyers and Yemeni military officials.

Amnesty International has called for a UN-led investigation into the role of the UAE and other parties in establishing a “horrific” network of torture and allegations of interrogations of the UAE or information received through torture.