An Update of Recorded Saudi Coalition Crimes in Yemen (Oct.1.2018)




The Saudi-led coalition has continued to launch air strikes on Monday, in addition to bombarding a number of Yemeni regions, leaving behind civilian casualties and destruction to property.

In Saada northern province, Saudi warplanes carried out two raids on Akwan area located in the district of al-Safra and five raids on the main road within the bordering district of Shada, while conducting a raid on the district of Sohar. Moreover, it launched a raid on the area of al-Bouq.

In addition, Coalition joint ai force raided a house of a citizen in Ramadiat area of al-Zaher district, while it launched an airstrike on farms of citizens in Bani Thahl area within the district of al-Zaher, causing tremendous damage to property.

In the coastal region of Yemen, near the city of Hodeidah, a number of three raids targeted Ras Issa area in the Salif district and a raid targeted the western region of Kilo 16 and a raid on the al-Qimah mountain located in the district of al-Monirah

In Yemen’s Hajjah, a car of a citizen was targeted, which led to the killing of two people and wounding of another in the area of Bani Hassan, and also launched a raid on the district of Hiran.

In Jizan southern Saudi bordering region, Saudi warplanes launched a raid on Mount Tawilq.

In Najran, Saudi warplanes conducted two air raids on the al-Til’ah.

اعلان الزكاة