Ministry of Water Condemns Continuation of Targeting Water Facilities in Kamaran




The Ministry of Water and Environment condemned the targeting of the US-Saudi-led coalition to a  water tank in Kamran island of Hodeidah province.

In a statement, The ministry said that the continuation of the coalition targeting on  water facilities and the destruction of water resources aims to displace the population of the island and deprive them of clean drinking water.

The statement pointed out that the coalition had already targeted the desalination plant at the beginning of the aggression in 2015 and then re-targeted wells surface water at the end of August 2018, which led to the destruction of 10 wells altogether and four wells partially destroyed, as well as the destruction of the rainwater harvesting tank to feed these wells.

The Ministry of Water and Environment called on international organizations, especially the United Nations, to play their humanitarian role and prevent coalition from targeting water installations, which have increased recently.

Even Water Wells Are Bombed by Saudi-Led Coalition Amid Starving Yemenis

اعلان الزكاة