Thrity three coalition paid fighters killed in clashes with Yemeni army forces on the West Coast Front




At least 33 paid fighters of the Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US, have been killed in clashes with Yemeni army forces on the West Coast Front , in addition to big losses by ballastic missiles in Marib province as, the coalition keep its airstrikes on the civilian targets , a report says.

The coalition paid fighters suffered heavy losses on Tuesday in a large-scale offensive by the Yemeni army forces on their sites south of Kilo-16 in #the- West -Coast.

According to a military source, more than 13 paid fighters were killed and more than 20 others were wounded in the attack.

The offensive continued for hours and the coalition warplanes launched 10 strikes on several areas to repel the advance of the army but in vain.

Elsewhere in Marib province, their Rocketry Force launched two ballistic missiles, a Badr-1, on gathering of leaders of the coalition in Tadaween military camp, hitting their targets accurately, causing massive losses amid the coalition ’s ranks,and confirming that huge explosions were heard in the camp.

It has , notably, launched in this October 11 ballistic missiles of the same type on the gatherings of the coalition in Asir.

This picture taken on September 13, 2018 shows the wreckage of a car reportedly destroyed in an airstrike near the eastern entrance to the Yemeni port city of Hudaydah. (Photo by AFP)

In October 13th, the coalition aerial jets targeted displaced families, who were traveling in minibuses. After they reach Jabal Ras district of Hudaydah , the jets devoured 19 civilians of them, including women and children, and left 30 others injured. “There are 19 dead, as an initial number, the majority of the injured are in very critical situation and need intensive care, while some might die due to the difficulty of movement between hospitals,” Minister of Health, Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakil said in a press conference.

12 million people — or two in five people — could die from starvation and could face the “worst famine in the world in 100 years” if the coalition continues in the country, the World Food Program (WFP) said on Monday.

“If this situation persists, we could see an additional 3.5 million severely insecure Yemenis… who urgently require regular food assistance to prevent them from slipping into famine-like conditions,” WFP spokesman Herve Verhoosel noted.

Verhoosel regretted that the coalition’s siege on Yemen, particularly its Hudaydah port, is preventing WFP workers from reaching its 51,000 tons of wheat stocks at the Red Sea Mills facility. The WFP official says the stocks are enough to feed 3.7 million people in northern and central Yemen for one month.

Yemeni childern suffer from the US-backed Saudi-led coalition against Yemen

In June 13, the coalition launched an offensive on Hudaydah , through which flows almost 80 percent of Yemen’s imports, despite international warnings that it would compound the impoverished nation’s humanitarian crisis.

Hodeidah is a strategic port city which should be supporting more than 20 million Yemenis. It should be the source of at least 70 percent of all imports to Yemen,” Suze van Meegen, a protection and advocacy adviser with the Norwegian Refugee Council, told AFP. The US-Saudi-led coalition has been eager to retake from Yemeni joint forces control, according to Yemeni officials.. But the former UN special envoy to Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheik, warned against attacking the port city over potential catastrophic consequences to Yemen last year. Martin Griffiths, the new special envoy to Yemen, echoed the same concern over attacking Hudaydah at the UN Security Council .

The United Arab of Emirates bought weapons from Israel to kill the Yemeni people, an Israeli Journalist and academic researcher at Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies said.

“The United Arab Emirates has purchased arms from the Zionist entity to kill Muslims,” Edy Cohen said on his Twitter Account on Saturday, adding that Palestine does not manufacture weapons”.

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