UAE-controlled Yemeni province’ detainees are on hunger strike




A number of detainees held in the prison of Bir Ahmed, Guantanamo, controlled and administered by the UAE forces and its armed paid fighters in Aden, under the UAE control, announced their return to open hunger strike for the second day in a row.

The detainees continued their hunger strike, condemning the brutal practices and various kinds of psychological and physical torture they face inside prisons.

The families of the detainees said their sons had actually on a hunger strike for the second day in a row, denouncing the situation they were living in and condemning their release or bringing them to trial to prove their conviction or acquittal.

The families of the detainees added that the detainees submitted written demands to the director of the prison, demanding: :

-Immediately release for those who have orders from the prosecution to be released .

– Send those who are to be brought to the courts to the judiciary to start their cases.
– Unconditionally release for those with mental illness

Send those who did not have files to the criminal prosecution and open files for them.
-Any new legitimate demands.
-Stop torturing them .

The detainees also held the authorities full responsiblity for what might be happened to them by the brutal torture machine, health damage or deaths resulting from the detainees’ strike.

On Tuesday, three detainees tried to commit suicide. The prisoners who had orders to be released suffered from delay after delay  by the security forces of the UAE state, as well as a group whose their files haven’t submitted to the Attorney General until now.

Local and international human rights organizations have demanded the opening of the Bir Ahmed detention center and adhering to the provisions of Yemeni law and international conventions ,regarding  the granting the detainees and their families their rights . However, prison authorities have not responded to these legitimate demands.

اعلان الزكاة