The Saudi-led coalition biggest assaults on Saada, Hodeidah escalates the humanitarian disaster




The Saudi-led coalition committed multiple crime against the civilians of Yemen, where it has escalated its aerial and ground bombardment after the US has called for peace talks within the next month in Sweden, led by the United Nations. However, reports say that Saudi-UAE coalition is not serious to achieve peace, mainly because they have taken control of vital regions within Yemen and that is why they have escalated the fightings in most of the frontlines, particularly in the west coast of Yemen, near the portal city of Hodeidah. 

Today in Saada, a northern Yemeni province that shares the border with Saudi Arabia, was subjected to intensive Saudi shelling in the last 24 hours, which has exceeded more than 300 rockets and shells. A local source form there reported that the Saudi shelling directly targeted the houses and farms of the citizens and the roads linking the villages, causing heavy damage.

Additionally, three civilians were killed and two children injured after a Saudi ground shelling on the district of Haidan in Saada province, while the Saudi militants also targeted the district of Munebah and Razih. Just few hours before, a woman was killed while a child was injured by the Saudi continuous bombardment on the bordering regions in Saada.

Heading now to the governorate that has been witnessing for the last five days, the biggest assaults by coalition forces and militias since the beginning of the war; however, vast losses and destruction among Saudi ranks and military vehicles in those last five days after the Yemeni army in support with popular committee confronted the Saudi assaults on the city, which aid goes through its port for about %80 of the Yemeni population. The Saudi military operations on the city have escalated the targeting of non-military areas and the killing of civilians.

Red Sea mills, east of the city in the province of Hodeidah were completely destroyed by Saudi aerial attack where a series of airstrikes targeted the Red Sea mills. It is noteworthy that the Red Sea Mills are the only mills operating in Yemen that feed millions. Targeting them is a collective punishment that targets all Yemeni citizens and resulting in their starvation.

In a previous statement by Lise Grande, she said “The mills in Hodeida feed millions of people, we’re particularly worried about the Red Sea mill, which currently has 45,000 metric tonnes of food inside, enough to feed 3.5 million people for a month. If the mills are damaged or disrupted, the human cost will be incalculable,”.

Today, Doctors Without Borders, called for the protection of civilians and sanitation in Yemen, coinciding with the escalation of fighting in Hodeidah.

The organization’s office in Yemen said on its Twitter account that its teams in the city of Hodeidah have recorded an increase in violence, ground battles, and air and sea bombardments since last Thursday, as the front lines are getting near civilians areas and health facilities, including the “Salakhana” hospital.

“With the escalation of the fightings in Hodeidah, we express our concern about the patients and staff of the Salkhana hospital and the thousands of residents who remained in the city,” the organization said.

The organization said that it has 118 staffs, Yemenis and international staff, providing in the hospital emergency care and treatment of injuries to civilians, including war-wounded.”

Sallekhana is the main hospital in Hodeidah where the organization has been operating since the beginning of October.

Médecins Sans Frontières stressed that all parties to the war in Yemen must protect civilians and facilities, especially hospitals.

اعلان الزكاة