The Crimes of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen (November,17-18, 2018)




The US-backed Saudi-led coalition continued on Saturday, launching raids and bombardment on a number of Yemeni provinces, leaving killed, wounded civilians while damaging property.

In the coastal province of Hodeidah, four girls from a single family of Majid al-Wahidi in the district of al-Hali lost their lives while two others were wounded as a result of an aerial strike that targeted their house. Moreover, the militias of the Saudi coalition targeted with medium and heavy weapons the houses of citizens and the neighboring regions near the Kilo-16 area while the neighborhood of July 7 in al-Hali district was subjected to artillery shelling by coalition militias.

In the northern province of Saada, the Saudi coalition warplanes conducted nine raids on the border areas of al-Qud, Azhour and Razih.

The Saudi coalition continued to carry out dozens of rockets and missiles on different areas in the two border districts of Razih and Shada, causing severe damage to homes and property.

Today, on Sunday the 18th, the Saudi-led coalition committed another crime as it usually does on daily-basis in Yemen, which gets the Yemenis outraged after each crime; however, international human rights organizations and humanitarian ones usually disregard such crimes unless they were severe, such as the targeting of a schools bus that killed about 40 children while they were on their way on  a trip riding the bus.

A child was killed and another was injured this Sunday after a Saudi bombardment on one of the districts that share the border with Saudi Arabia within the province of Saada, northern Yemen

The rockets and artillery shells kept continuing too, where they targeted densely populated villages in the two border districts of Razih and Shada, causing material damage to property.

The villages within the bordering district of Munebah in the province of Saada was subjected to a new attack by the Saudi forces, resulting in significant damage to the property of citizens.

A local source reported to YemenExtra that rockets and shells targeted populated villages in the border district of Munebah, which resulted in families to terrified.

The Saudi-led coalition continues to target the border areas indiscriminately and without any regard for the lives of civilians, where a vast number of women and children are being killed after most of the time, as well as damage to property belonging to citizens.

اعلان الزكاة