In photos: Saudi fresh crime kills, wounds 9 civilians in Yemen’s Hajjah




On Saturday evening, 9 Yemenis were killed or injured after the Saudi-led coalition conducted two aerial raids, targeting a citizen’s car and a gas station at the entrance of Al-Hijja market in the province of Hajjah.

The Saudi-led warplanes carried out two raids, the first one targeted a car of a civilian named Mohammed Abdulrahman Zeid Muazab, while the second destroyed a gas station which belongs to the citizen Abdu Khmoussi in Al-Hija area of the district of Mostabaa.

According to eyewitnesses, the station was targeted during the ambulance arrived at the scene of the destroyed car by coalition fighter jets, which resulted in the death of 4 citizens and wounding 5 others, including paramedics as a preliminary toll.

This crime comes in the context of the crimes of the Saudi coalition against the citizens of Yemen for nearly four years amid international disregard and the global absence of the Saudi crimes that have killed thousands of civilians.

Hodeidah coastal province

Heading to the coastal province of Hodeidah, the Saudi-led coalition continue to target residential areas, inflicting material losses and civilian casualties.

Militias affiliated with the Saudi-UAE coalition launched on Sunday and during the past several hours, dozens of shells on the homes of citizens in the city of Durayhami.

Earlier in the day, coalition warplanes launched a raid near the Oasis Hotel in the residential area of July 7 in the Hali district.

The Ministry of Defense on Saturday warned the countries participating in the Saudi coalition if it continues killing the Yemeni people and obstruct any international efforts to stop the war and achieve peace.

Yemen’s Saada 

The US-backed Saudi-led coalition bombarded on Sunday with airstrikes, rocket and artillery shells the northern province of Saada resulting in a vast damage of property.

The coalition has resulted in the destruction of a water tank in the area of Batalan, district of Haidan, Saada as a result of the bombing by the Saudi regime on areas located West of Haidan.

Moreover, an aerial raid was launched on Al-Ali in the district of Razih, causing serious damage to shops.

It is noteworthy that villages in the district of Munebah were subjected to ground shelling, causing material damage to homes, farms and property of citizens.

اعلان الزكاة