Spokesman of Ansarullah: The British Position is an Essential Part of Aggression on Yemen




The official spokesman of Ansarullah and head of the national delegation Mohammed Abdul Salam said that that Britain’s stance is an essential part of enemy against Yemen as it continues to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia dramatically.

“The UK is directly involved in the operations on the Western Coast of Yemen and in joint operating rooms, providing intelligence support and is part of the US project in the region,” he told Al-Thawra Newspaper in an interview on Wednesday.

“If what had been leaked to the media is true about the British project, it has been obstructed by the US not as a contradiction in vision, but an exchange of roles,” he said.

“These measures are an attempt to evade the international humanitarian pressure that rejects the continuation of the aggression against Yemen and unjust blockade,” he added.

He stressed that the delaying is “an escape from this entitlement and there is no justification for postponing any resolution outlining the future political process in the transition period, adding it is effectively assisting in conducting an inclusive political dialogue according to an agreed framework.”

He considered the delaying of the resulation to wait for what would be issued of upcoming consultations of Sweden is nonsense.

اعلان الزكاة