Stockholm Demands the Cessation of the Coalition’s War on Yemen




Swedish capital Stockholm on Saturday witnessed a protest rally demanding the cessation of the war waged by the Saudi-led coalition countries on Yemen and the swift lifting of the siege.

Participants in the demonstration, which coincided with the Yemeni consultations held under the auspices of an international organization in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, echoed slogans denouncing the war waged by the coalition countries on Yemen since 2015.

The participants called for the organization organized by the Swedish Association for the Support of Yemen, in cooperation with a group of Yemenis, to stop the targeting of civilians by the Saudi-led coalition aircraft and the speed of lifting the siege.

The rally, which was held at the Enplane Square in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, included members of the Yemeni community in Sweden and Swedish citizens, as well as Syrian, Iraqi and Lebanese Arab communities.