Yemenis Outraged After Saudi/UAE Paid-Militias Raped a 9-Year-Old Child in Mukha Coastal Province (Photos)




Armed Saudi-UAE militias from south of Yemen affiliated with the Saudi-led coalition in the occupied coastal city of al-Mukha, west of Taiz province, arrested and raped a 9-year-old boy who is from the district Taiz in Yemen.

A source from the province said the child was working in a bakery to sell bread and was forcibly taken to an unidentified location for ”interrogation”, where he was sexually assaulted by members of the armed gang.

The source pointed out that the militias then threw the child near the al-Shathly mosque after the rape in a very poor state of health and between life and death. After he was found, he was immediately rushed to al-Mukhaa hospital for treatment.

This felony spread like lightning among the people who were quick to conduct demonstrations in the coastal city who were all outraged and rejected such a crime. The demonstrations included armed people and proponents of the Saudi-led coalition. Shops were all closed in a way to show anger against this terrible crime and to demand the swift extradition of the perpetrators to get the punishment they deserve.

The source concluded with noting that this crime that occurred in Mukha coastal city is under the attempts of the leadership of the Saudi/UAE-paid militias to censorship and restraint it from being a trending story nationwide, and till this very moment, the situation is still tense there.”