America leads a rebellion against the president who was elected by the Venezuelan people!





Meanwhile, its waging an aggression against the Yemeni people under the pretext of returning a president whose Presidential mandate has ended!

▪️ The events of Venezuela reveal again the hypocrisy of US and confirm that the criteria of legitimacy in America is to be loyal for it. Whoever be an agent, will be legitimate even if the people rejected him, and whoever was against US dominance, will be considered a rebellious and coup even if the whole people with him.

▪️ The true criteria for America are loyalty, submission and being agents to it; Where as Democracy, freedom, self-determination and human rights are all false slogans used by US to deceive the public opinion and hide it’s ugly face.

This is for the Arab hypocrites who stand with America.

▪️ Is Venezuela Magians? Are there Rejectives? Is it seeking to spread the Persian tide there? Do they insult the prophet companions?
So that you stand with America against it as you stand against Iran, Hezbollah, Ansar Allah, Hamas and the resistance movements under the pretext of these ridiculous headlines!!!

▪️ Shame on you to when we see Venezuela which is a non-Arab and non-Islamic country stans against the American Dominance; where you as Muslims and your Islam orders you to be free and have dignity are insisting to be humiliated slaves to America?!

Do you feel embarrassed when you see the Venezuelan non-Muslim people going out in demonstrations to reject the American domination over their country while you jump quickly to be agents to America and Israel against your countries and peoples?
That is the freedom which you have abandoned in order to be just humiliated slaves to America and Israel..

Translated by: Ali Shahari