Why they Keep Silent about Normalization at the Warsaw Conference, Led by Khalid al-Yamani?




From the memory

By: Minister Daifullah al-Shami

In 2000, al-Aqsa Intifada, which stirred the feelings of Muslims all over the world, was exploited by some political parties in Yemen to raise funds in behalf of the associations in defense of al-Aqsa and in support of Jerusalem , where all districts of Yemen including our region “Maran” support this movement.

They subserved their associations by wielding the love of people to support the Palestinian issue ,
their influence relationship with the Palestinian cause. But the awareness is the master of the situation, where the leader Sayyed Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi, may Allah have mercy on him, worked to raise funds himself and called people that those who want to donate and support Palestine should provide to a well-known organization.

Syyed Hussein formed a team of people from his region to collect these donations and there was a great interaction .

The sum was collected with a quantity of gold and delivered by the martyr leader to me personally, where I was a student at the University of Sana’a and he stipulated that the money should be handed over only by the representative of the Palestinian Hamas movement in Yemen and take an official document.

I arrived in Sanaa and looked for a representative of the movement, but I did not find him . Some Yemeni representatives came to me and I refused to extradite them. Representatives from
Al-Aqsa association also came to me and I refused to extradite the money to them.

Islah association asked , in a threatening manner for the necessity , to deliver the sum , but I refused to do so and they tried to circumvent on me and bring the Palestinian ambassador to Yemen at that time to me , Yahya Rabah , asking me to give him the sum but I also refused . I told him that you do not represent a resistance movement, but rather a collusive authority against the resistance.

At that time, the matter grew up and they tried to at least know the amount. I rejected and I communicated directly with Sayyed.Hussain al-Houthi and I informed him of every step. Some good people helped me, and by the assistance of Allah, we were able to communicate directly with the Hamas movement in Palestine and they were surprised and blessed of that work and we asked them about the support from Yemen, and they said it is so little.

The money was transferred to them in the manner they specified then, and I transferred the bond to the hand of Sayyed. al-Houthi .

From here we deduce the deep vision of Sayyed. Hussein al-Houthi about these enemies who trade in behalf of the Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa and they are opponents who sell it to serve their projects and objectives.

Where are those donations? ?! And where those voices that kept silent about Jerusalem and the Aqsa ..?! Why did they kept silent about the normalization of Arab foreign ministers disappear at the Warsaw Conference, led by Khalid al-Yamani?