Protest Campaign In Italy Against Coalition’s War On Yemen




The Italian capital has witnessed a protest campaign carried out by supporters of the Yemeni cause, through the publication of 100 signs condemning the war of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE and supported by America and Britain on Yemen.


The banners of the civil and human rights campaign in Italy expressed their opposition to the continued war and siege on Yemen, and condemned the war crimes committed against civilians, children and women.


The campaign with about 100 signs, which covered the streets and roads of Italy, called for an end to the war on Yemen and lifting the siege, and stop arming the countries of the coalition with weapons and bombs that are internationally prohibited.


The campaign spread to social networking sites where activists and rights activists took part in the campaign by publishing pictures of banners filling streets and main roads in the Italian capital, condemning the war.


Observers considered this campaign as”an embodiment of the level of awareness reached by the world of the unjust war against the Yemeni people and the impossibility of the survival of millions of people from the Yemeni people under the burden of aggression and unjust siege.”