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Abdulsalam: Yemeni Rocket Force to Strike UAE Depth Next

YemenExtra M.A. The head of the Yemeni negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam, said that "The UAE deserves to be targeted more than ever, stressing that the implementation of balanced deterrence operations in the depth of the UAE…

YPC Employees Protest in Front of UN Office for the 161 Day

YemenExtra M.A. Yemen Petroleum Company employees continued to protest in front of the United Nations Office in the capital Sana'a for the 23rd Friday, titled “Continued seizing of oil vessels is a shame on UN”. The protestors…

Child Passes Away of Wounds Sustained in Sa’adah

YemenExtra M.A. A child, on Friday, succumbed to his wounds as a result of Saudi artillery shelling on populated villages in Shada border district in Sa’adah governorate. On Thursday, Saida Hussein was critically injured in the head…