Updates of Saudi American Crimes During the Past 24 Hours



Today, Saturday, the Saudi-American aggression continued to launch raids on a number of governorates, leaving victims and destroying public and private property, while mercenaries in Hodeidah continued violating Sweden agreement.

In Al Hudaydah, the Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room recorded 202 violations, including 14 warplanes and 16 spy planes flying in the airspace of Hais, Al Jabaliya, Kilo 16, Al-Mazhar, Al-Hudaydah, Al-Faza and Al-Duraimi, and 63 violations with missile and artillery shelling and 109 with various arm weapons.

In Marib, the aggression’s air forces launched 7 raids on Medghal district, 3 raids on Serwah district, and two raids on Rahba district.

In Saada, the aggression forces launched 6 raids on Kataf district, and a raid on Baqim district.

In Al-Bayda, the aggression launched a raid on Radman district.

In Hajjah, the aggression launched a raid on Al-Mazraq area in Haradh district.

In Al-Jawf, the forces of aggression launched a raid on Al-Labnat area in Al-Hazm district.