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Iran is able to sink US ships with “secret weapons”

YemenExtra SH.A. General Morteza Qorbani, advisor to the Iranian military leadership, threatened to resort to missiles and “secret weapons” to sink the US warships and aircraft carriers in the waters of the Gulf, the Iranian news…

“Happy Yemen” is not happy

YemenExtra SH.A. By: Mona Zaid  The Happy Yemen we used to call it. The image of Yemen had to do with its selected green scenery, houses balancing on cliffs and mountains covered with artistic engravings and coloring, people stuffing…

American warplanes, Still Bomb Civilians in Yemen

YemenExtra SH.A. After five days of treatment in a shabby Yemeni hospital, Luai Sabri died on Tuesday. The 20-year-old had a cracked skull, a ruptured spleen and a damaged liver, according to a relative, injuries caused by a bomb that…