Saudi Warplanes Breach Ceasefire, Launch 6 Raids in Hodeidah



Today, Tuesday, the US-backed Saudi-led Aggression (coalition)has renewed its raids in the Hodeidah governorate, which is considered to be a dangerous escalation and violates the ceasefire agreement of Hodeidah.

The Warplanes of the Saudi Aggression conducted 6 raids on the Al-Hashadi farm in the Al-Arj area, district of Bajil, which was a deliberate attack that proves that Saudi jets are still hovering and targeting Hodeidah.

Last Saturday, the Aggression warplanes launched five raids on the Al-Arj area in the Al-Salif district, in conjunction with the hovering of a warplane in the airspace of the Haiss region and eight spy drones in the airspace of Al-Jah, Al-Jabaliya and the city of Hodeidah.

This comes in conjunction with dozens of daily violations of the ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah, committed by the mercenaries of Aggression on the ground, which has resulted in taking the lives of thousands of civilians, most of them children and women, in various regions of the province, in light of international silence.