The Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US ,fuels its warplanes with Yemeni children’s blood




Yemeni children are usually the target of the coalition that claims protecting them .Their bodies’ parts are often found across Yemen over being guilty of being Yemenis.


Yemeni childern

They almost every day got killed due to airstrikes ,epidemics ,malnutrition ,and famine that target them amid the world silence.However, their spirits push them to live this horrible life until they someday reach their fate at the hands of the coalition.

Yemeni childern whot got killed at school by the Saudi-led coalition, by the US, on April 7,2019


On April 7,2019, Yemeni children, as usual, went to schools, despite all the pains by the coalition, where the coalition’s warplanes were thirsty again and again for their blood, so they got murdered by their attacks , therefore, they lost their lives, bleeding to make the warplanes full of the pure blood which is the price that must be paid.

Materials of the murdered Yemeni childern by the Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US,on April 7, 2019

While the world stay silent , someone else intended to show sadness whereas the smoke rose up to the sky to settle next to their spirits that rest in peace.

The school in the capital of Yemen that got bombed by the Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US, on April 7, 2019

Their bodies, bags and shoes remain down on the schools , the places of the crime, to ask the whole world if it is time to move against the coalition .Furthermore, one victim’s face was to the right as if she hadn’t want to face the world that take part in killing her, through its silence towards the coalition’s crimes over years.