Attacking UNICEF’s HQ in Aden Provoke Concern of Int’l Missions




Foreign organizations have begun to consider leaving Aden, following escalating attacks on their missions due to growing insecurity,the most recently shooting fire at the UNICEF mission building on Saturday.

On Saturday, the UNICEF mission building in the Embassies neighborhood of Khor Makser district in Aden came under heavy indiscriminate gunfire from gunmen belonging to the so-called “security belt forces”, pro-UAE Southern Transitional Council.

According to local sources, “individuals belonging to the Director of Security of Aden, Shalal Shaya, opened fire on the UNICEF building, as they were passing in front of the building on a security vehicle, because there was a poster of the flag of the Republic of Yemen on its walls”.

According to the sources, “heavy gunfire caused panic among the organization’s staff and forced them to flee to survive on their own”.
“There were no casualties among the organization’s staff,” UNICEF said.

The attack heightened the fears and concerns of staff of foreign organizations’ missions in Aden, prompting a number of them to wave their intention to leave the city “until the insecurity is resolved,” according to local officials of the organizations.

Aden and the southern provinces generally complain of growing insecurity due to the multiplicity of militias and security and military formations loyal to the factions of the Saudi and Emirati coalition wings, and their ongoing clashes to extend their influence and control.