Yemeni Coastguard Forces: 3 Ships, Including Saudi, Entered Yemeni Territorial Waters without Earlier Notice




Yemen’s Coastguards issued a statement that explained the incident of detaining three ships, including a Saudi ship, ‘Rabegh 3′. They where intercepted 3 miles away of the Yemeni Island, Uqban, as they entered Yemen’s regional waters without an earlier notice.

The Coastguards stated that crews of the seized ships didn’t respond to the patrolling crew warning, after they were called via international channels. “The non-response from the crews of the seized ships is a clear challenge to all international maritime laws and a violation of Yemeni sovereignty,” the statement explained.

The Coastguard pointed out that the seized ships were harbored at the Salif port, and legal measures were taken along with contacting the concerned parties.

The Coastguards stressed keenness on the safety of regional waters, as well as the necessity to abide by all followed regulations and respect Yemen’s sovereignty, asserting that they won’t save any effort to take the measures related to protecting Yemeni waters.