Warning Announced “Red Sea Ports Corporation on Wednesday “


The Red Sea Ports Corporation announced that diesel that is necessary to operate Salif and Hodeidah ports equipment and machinery will soon run out

In a distress call to the international community, the corporation warned of a humanitarian catastrophe if the operational process of its ports stops.

In a statement, the corporation declared that the port’s stock of fuel available to it in the tanks is about to run out, and it is afraid that it will not be able to continue providing humanitarian and increased to the suffering to the Yemeni people.

On other hand, The Foundation issued an “urgent distress call to the international community to intervene urgently and exert pressure on countries that holding them and to quickly launch ships of oil derivatives and to allow them entry to the port of Hodeidah and to avoid a catastrophic humanitarian tragedy and Exacerbate the situation of humanitarian in Yemen.

The corporation renewed call its humanitarian organizations and , the permanent members of the Security Council, to take serious and real action to lift the blockade on Yemen.