9 Airstrikes Target Communications Network Infrastructure in Amran



Today, Tuesday, the US-backed Saudi-led aggression targeted the communications network in Jabal Dhain, Amran Governorate, with 9 strikes.

The communications network in Jabal Dhain was first targeted by 6 airstrikes. After a while, the Saudi jets launched 3 extra raids in the same place, a source confirmed.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi-American aggression last week targeted a communications tower, owned by the MTN company, in the Al-Wael Mukhlq area in the Al-Abdiyah district within Amran province.

On June 19, the aggressors targeted the communications network in Ajmer hill in the Bani Sarim district, Amran.

Last June, it also targeted communications networks, stations and towers in Bani Ghaith, Bani Sarim district, Jabal Azhem, Dhbein district in the province of Amran. In addition, it targeted the Al-Hawri hill within the Sanaa governorate with more than 5 raids, which led to the cease of communication and internet services in over 15 regions within Amran, Sanaa, Al-Jawf.