The Minister Of Justice in sana’a Unveils Important Amendments To The Litigation Law


The Yemeni Justice Minister, Judge Muhammad Al-Dailami, revealed new amendments the ministry is making regarding the litigation law.

Al-Dailami indicated in his statement that the amendments aim to overcome the negatives that accompany the litigation process, indicating that the amendments to the litigation law relate to how to litigate, and to amend about 40 to 42 legal articles to benefit citizens more , Almaserah TV.

on other hand, He stated that among the priorities of the judicial authority is to complete the legal amendments, and every judge who thinks that any legal article constitutes an obstacle to him must send it to work on reforming the laws.

Also, He emphasized that the ministry’s priority includes monitoring the courts, secretaries, field visits, and working to preserve legal law.

He explained that the judicial authority will take measures against any violator, and in most sessions of the Judicial Council, the file of accountability for violating judges is discussed.

The minister added that secretaries are investigating them administratively within the Ministry of Justice, and if the crime is proven, we refer the file to the competent authorities, pointing out that some judges have handed over their real estate records and that the rest will be followed up through the Judicial Council and the Judicial Inspection Authority.

In addition,He stressed that the judiciary works independently and on the principle of separation of powers, indicating that the Ministry has activated electronic means in judicial work, so that the citizen is able to follow his case more easily.

The Minister of Justice called on the government and the presidency to look at the judiciary positively and give judges their full salaries.