Human Rights Office Reveals Statistics About Hodeidah



Today, Thursday, the Human Rights Office in Al-Hodeidah Governorate organized a press conference, in which it revealed the total losses inflicted by the US-supported Saudi-UAE aggression on the coastal governorate.

At the conference, the Director of the Human Rights Office in Hodeidah Governorate, Zain Abdullah, explained that the total economic facilities that were targeted by the aggressors amounted to more than 4,255 facilities, which included factories, fuel trucks, commercial facilities and farms, in addition to means of transportation, fishing boats, food stores, markets, gas stations and food trucks.

Furthermore, he stated that the total targets of service facilities amounted to 64,310 units, including Hodeidah airport, nine sea ports, 97 power plants, 41 communications networks, 637 water tanks, 211 government facilities, 749 roads and bridges, 90 factories, 57 fuel trucks, 2,226 commercial facilities, 78 chicken and livestock farms, 972 means of transportation, 392 fishing boats, 213 food stores, 53 gas stations, 49 markets and 125 food trucks.

The Director of the Human Rights Office indicated that the Saudi-UAE aggressors targeted 61,823 homes, 11 university facilities, 297 mosques, 109 tourist facilities, 39 hospitals and health facilities, 186 schools and educational centers, 1,734 agricultural fields, 81 sports facilities, 20 archaeological sites and 10 media facilities.

He also confirmed that the violations of the Saudi-led aggressive coalition against the truce agreement exceeded 170,000, resulting in the deaths of more than 5,394 civilians, including women and children.