Massive demonstration takes place for the brutal murder of Al-Sanabani expatriate



Hundreds of Yemenis protested in front of the United Nations headquarters in Sana’a, calling for holding those accountable for those who killed the young expatriate Abdul Malik Al-Sanabani, at a security point, hours after his arrival to Yemen. Al-Sanabani was in the US and came back recently to his home country after 8 years of living abroad.

The participants in the protest carried pictures of Al-Sanabani, and marched from Al-Sabaeen Square, south of Sanaa, towards the United Nations headquarters, demanding that those involved be brought to justice to receive their punishment.

In a letter delivered to the United Nations, Al-Sanabani’s family called for the criminals to be brought to justice, an end to all killings, and the opening of Sana’a International Airport to commercial flights.

“We just don’t want to see another Abdul Malik killed, another mother mourning her only son, other broken sisters, and another father running after his son’s killers,” the family said in its letter.

Local sources reported that the leadership of the Ninth Brigade, to which the members of the security point that killed al-Sanabani belonged, refused to hand over the accused to the competent authorities or to deal with an investigation committee from outside the Transitional Council.