Al-Ezzi Denounces Britain’s Granting Money to The Corrupt Thieves in Aden



Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein Al-Ezzi denounced Britain’s granting of Yemeni money to the thieves and corrupt government in Aden.

Al-Ezzi said on Twitter “Handing over our money to the corrupt and terrorists falls within the meanings of escalation and clear adherence to war strategies, which confirms that peace is a decision that has not yet been born and that their talk about it is still a form of misinformation and  lies. “

He added “Britain is aware more than others that it is Yemenis’ money and that Hadi’s government represents only thieves, corrupt, al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Brotherhood’s organization. Despite all that, Britain insists on sending Yemeni money to these as a kind of support for corruption and terrorism in our country.”

“London brings shame to its people, and the most dangerous thing is that it exposes itself to the wrath of the Yemeni people” he added