UNICEF says 10,000 children killed or maimed in Yemen since the beginning of the Saudi war on Yemen



The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said today, Tuesday, that 10,000 Yemeni children have either been killed or maimed since the beginning of the US-Saudi aggressive coalition in March 2015.

UNICEF spokesman James Elder told the United Nations in Geneva after returning from a visit to Yemen that the “Yemeni conflict” has reached a new, disgraceful level.

“We now have 10,000 children either killed or maimed since March 2015, which is equivalent to four children every day,” he said, noting many killings and maimings of children that were not recorded.

“Four out of five children, or about 11 million in total, need humanitarian assistance in Yemen, while about 400,000 suffer from severe malnutrition and more than 2 million have dropped out of education,” Elder added.