Mr Hussein al-Ezzi , Deputy Foreign Minister Reveals Consultations To Hand Over Marib City


Yemen’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein al-Ezzi has said that there are consultations between the leaders of the Islah Party, the Muslim Brotherhood faction that currently occupies Marib city, to hand over the city to the forces of the National Salvation Government of Yemen and spare it from further fighting.

“We have both brothers and adversaries in the Islah Party, and there are active consultations within the party to prevent bloodshed and hand over the Ma’rib district and city to the state, especially since these two directorates are the only ones left not liberated yet in Ma’rib,” al-Ezzi said in a tweet.

“I hope that the good leaders’ choice will overcome the evil ones. Those obstinate must realise that the battle is already over,” he added.

The Yemeni Armed Forces have taken control over the districts of al-Jubah, Bidbadah, Harib, al-Qaramish, Jabal Murad, Mahliyah, Majzar, Medghal, Raghwan, Rahabah and Sirwah in recent weeks.