Shura Council hails George Kurdahi’s brave stance


The Shura Council hailed the brave and free stance taken by Information Minister George Kurdahi regarding the war on Yemen, which he considered an absurd war that must stop.

The Presidency of the Council denounced the organized attack launched by the media loyal to the US-Saudi aggression against the great journalist, George Kurdahi, for his position rejecting the continuation of the unjust war on the Yemeni people.

The statement considered that the statements made by Kurdahi expressed his humanity and Arab zeal for the oppressed Yemeni people, and did not represent any offense to anyone.

It expressed full solidarity with the Lebanese Minister of Information, for the practices and harassment he is being subjected to by media trumpets that are dependent on Saudi money.

The statement stressed the importance of the free media mobilizing to defend the issues of the Arab people, foremost of which is the Palestinian cause amid the race to normalize with the Zionist enemy, which has negatively affected the nation’s issues.