Army spokesman reveals details of 8th Deterrence Balance operation into Saudi territories


Yemeni army forces have carried out a series of aerial attacks on a number of military and vital targets belonging to the Saudi enemy, in a retaliation to the escalation of the aggression, continued crimes and siege of the country, , Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e, the military spokesman said.

“This is the Eight Deterrence Operation in which 14 drone planes, including Sammad-3, Sammad-2 and Qasef-2k were used,’ he said at a news conference on Saturday .

He explained that the King Khalid air base in Riyadh was bombed with four Sammad-3 drone planes.

Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e added that military targets at King Abdullah International Airport and Aramco refineries in Jeddah were bombed with four Sammad-2 drones, and an important military target was bombed at Abha International Airport with one Sammad-3 drone aircraft.

He underlined that the armed forces targeted various military targets in the areas of Abha, Jizan and Najran with five Qasef-2K drones.

The military spokesmen stressed that the armed forces are fully prepared to carry out more offensives against the Saudi and UAE enemy in the framework of legitimate defense of the people and the homeland.

“The escalation will be meeting with an escalation until the aggression stops and the siege is lifted,” he concluded.