Parliament Speaker reminds world of Yemeni people’s suffering due to aggression, siege



The Parliament’s Speaker Yahya Ali Al-Ra’i said on Saturday that while the world celebrates the International Day of Human Rights, the Yemeni people are being subjected to aggression and siege for the seventh year in a row.

During the Parliament’s first session for the current term, Al-Ra’i reminded the international community and the United Nations of the suffering of the forgotten Yemeni people in light of the continued aggression and siege.

The Parlaiment’s speaker wondered saying “Where are the United Nations and the international community regarding the killing of the Yemeni people with internationally prohibited weapons? Where is their role in protecting human rights in Yemen?”

He called the free people of the world to raise their voice in order to stop the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression and siege on Yemen, stressing the importance of translating these occasions into actions so that they do not become mere hollow slogans.