Coalition forces violations, 3 Civilians killed, injured in Hodeida, 23 airstrikes hit 4 provinces


  2 citizens were killed and a third was injured when a mine exploded, left by the Coalition forces, intensified their violations of the ceasefire in the Hodeida province, and the warplanes launched 23 raids on 4 provinces over the past 24 hours.

The Coalition forces committed 225 violations, including two infiltration attempts in Hays, a warplane raid on al-Jabalyia area, and 3 raids by spy planes on Hays, a military official said.

Among the violations were the flight of warplanes and spy planes in the airspace of Hays, Al-Jabaliya and Al-Jarrahi, 80 violations by artillery shelling, and 111 violations by various gunshots.

The source confirmed the killing of 2 citizens and the injury of a third as a result of the explosion of a landmine left behind by the Coalition, east of Al-Tuhaita district.

He stated that the Coalition launched 2 raids on the city of Haradh and one raid on the Midi district of Hajjah province, and 9 raids on the Al-Barh area in Maqbna district of Taiz province.

He stated that the warplanes targeted with 18 raids Jabal al-Balaq in Al-Wadi district in the Marib province, and launched 3 raids on Khab Washa’af district in Jawf province.