Al-Shayef : Sana’a Inter. Airport Targeting is A Clear Challenge for The UN



US-Saudi aggression targeted the airport after agreeing with the United Nations on the need to neutralize it, the Director of Sanaa Airport, Khaled Al-Shayef, confirmed on Tuesday.

Al-Shayef pointed out that the fuel that was targeted at the airport is UN aircraft’s fuel, which means that US-Saudi aggression, clearly, challenges the United Nations.

He pointed to the possibility of the navigation devices going out of service at any moment, saying: “US-Saudi aggression seized equipment in Djibouti.” He holds the UN responsible for getting navigation devices out of readiness in the event that the seized devices are not delivered.

Last Monday, the US-Saudi aggression launched a series of raids on Sana’a International Airport, causing great damage to the airport facilities, which made it out of readiness.

Leading several of its allies, Saudi Arabia launched a war against Yemen in March 2015. The war has been seeking to restore power in Yemen to the country’s former Riyadh-allied officials.

اعلان الزكاة