Saudi raid kills a civilians and injures another in Marib



A citizen was killed and another was seriously injured on Tuesday when an airstrike of the Saudi-led aggression coalition warplanes hit residential houses in Harib district of Marib province, a local source said.

The source explained that the aggression fighter jets launched an airstrike on the village of Al-Butohaif, which resulted in the killing of the citizen, Musaed Yahya Hussein Al-Tuhaifi, and the wounding of the citizen Faris Hizam Al-Tuhaifi with serious injuries.

Meanwhile, the aggression aircraft waged a series of raids on the districts of Harib and Al-Jouba, causing great damage to citizens’ homes, farms, and property.

The source denounced the escalation of the aggression coalition, its raids on inhabited villages, and the destruction of public and private property.