OCHA: UN Food Aid To Yemen Likely To Be Reduced


The United Nations has announced a reduction in food aid to Yemen due to what it calls a “lack of funding.”

In a statement, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA ) said that, “Funding shortages are threatening to cut lifesaving assistance for millions of vulnerable people across Yemen”.

As of January, almost two-thirds of major UN aid programs had already been reduced or closed due to funding gaps. Further cuts are expected in the coming months unless additional support is urgently received, the OCHA added.

According to the statement, food assistance is being scaled back at a time when hunger remains alarmingly high. By March, 11 million people will be forced to rely on reduced food rations, with only 2 million people receiving full rations.

The OCHA noted that Water and sanitation services could soon be turned off in 15 major cities, affecting 4.6 million people. Over 1 million women and girls will soon no longer have access to reproductive health and gender-based violence services.

Millions more stand to lose access to other vital services, including essential healthcare, nutrition, shelter, cash assistance and education.

The OCHA concluded its statement by saying that “ urgent funding is essential to maintain the humanitarian operation and avoid a sudden surge in people’s suffering.”