The kidnapping of Yemeni fishermen by the US-Saudi aggressors



The General Authority for Fisheries in the Red Sea condemned on Sunday the crime of kidnapping a number of fishermen by the forces of the Saudi-American aggression.

In a statement, the authority stated that the forces of aggression had kidnapped a number of fishermen and confiscated their boats while they were practicing the fishing profession in the Red Sea coast in Buhais area in Midi district of Hajjah province.

The statement considered this act a criminal and cowardly act against the fishermen.

It appealed to the United Nations and humanitarian and human rights organizations to play their role and assume their responsibilities towards these criminal acts against fishermen.

The statement also called for working to protect the Yemeni fishermen from piracy and to stop all repeated aggressive practices against them.

The General Authority for Fisheries held the United Nations and its organizations responsible for the continuous silence and inaction towards these criminal practices that increase the suffering of fishermen.