Sana’a Showcases Its Security Units In Largest Parade In Yemen’s History


The Yemeni capital, Sana’a, witnessed on Thursday a major and grandiose military parade, the largest of its kind, for the forces and security units of the Ministry of Interior in Al-Sbeen Square.

The parade is considered the largest in the history of Yemen. It was held by the Ministry of Interior under the slogan “Lahum Al-Amn” on the occasion of the 8th anniversary of the September 21 revolution, with participation of 20,000 security personnel from the security units of the Ministry of Interior.
Hundreds of armored vehicles, tankers, patrol cars, and a large number of “BAAS” vehicle, which was manufactured by the Interior Ministry during the period of aggression and was recently unveiled, participated in the parade.

The parade reflected the competence of the Ministry of Interior and the level of development it reached after the September 21, 2014 revolution.

Prior to the September 21 revolution, the Ministry of Interior and the security forces were subject to partisan division and power centers, and clashes between the Ministry forces were constantly ignited as a result of the partisan domination and control of the security forces that were affiliated with multiple centers of power that were subject to abroad.

The September 21 revolution was able to unify the security work, unify the security force and significantly and distinctly develop its performance.

Over the seven years of aggression and siege, the Ministry of Interior maintained security and stability in all free provinces, and thwarted the crimes of the enemy and its terrorist tools from ISIS and Al-Qaeda elements. The Ministry managed to strike the dens of al-Qaeda and ISIS and thwarted the plans of the aggression to target the home front.

This military parade comes to crown the achievements of the security forces, led by the Ministry of the Interior, which was able to normalize security and stability in the areas under the control of the National Salvation Government, at a time when security chaos engulfed the areas under the Saudi-led coalition’s control.