Sayyid Abdul-Malik Calls for Boycott of Countries Adopting Offensive Behaviors towards Quran


The Leader of the Yemeni Revolution, Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, on Friday called on the Islamic Ummah to have a clear, honest and courageous stance against the war waged by the enemies led by the Zionist lobby against Islam and Muslims.

“The forces of evil have reached the lowest level in spreading corruption and crime under the banner of “homosexuality” and other immoral crimes. They are trying to frame moral crimes under the banner of rights and freedoms and supporting them politically and legally,” said Sayyid Abdul-Malik in his speech this evening on the occasion of the first Friday of Rajab month.

He added: “Linking loyalties to the material aspect is one of the worst things that the forces of tyranny and hypocrisy do, because it establishes a delinquency in societies, in their positions and prepares them to accept their corruption and falsehood.”

“The tyrants seek to tear apart the structure of man in his social composition by targeting the family,” Sayyed Abdul-Malik stated.

Sayyid Abdul-Malik stressed that the spread of Islam in European and non-Muslim societies aroused concern and disturbed enemies of Islam, so they burn the Noble Quran.

He pointed out that the Zionist lobby is the biggest enemy of Muslims, as it moves actively in America, Australia and in a number of European countries, stressing that a large part of the activity of the Zionist-Jewish lobby targets us in our countries.”

Regarding the desecration of the Holly Quran, he said, “No justification for burning the Holy Quran. It is hostile, criminal and offensive.”

He pointed out that the crime of burning the Holy Quran is a major attack against Muslims, a war against them that target the most sacred sanctities.

Sayyed Abdul-Malik condemned the silence of many Muslims about burning the Holy Quran.

“The silence over the burning of the Quran is a big crime, a great negligence, a terrible negligence, and a complete disclaimer of responsibility,” Sayyid Abdul-Malik said.

He affirmed that the Zionist lobby seeks to dilute European societies after controlling them politically.

Regarding the action that needs to be taken, Sayyid Abdul-Malik said: “We must have a clear, frank and courageous position against the war waged by the Zionist lobby against Islam and Muslims.

The leader of the revolution called on Muslims to unite to put pressure on the countries that open the way for hostile acts against Islam.

He also called for a boycott product of countries that officially adopt the hostile behaviors offensive to Islam and Muslims.

“The large market for the products of Western countries is the Islamic world because it is unproductive and depends on the consumption of Western goods and products,” he explained.

“If we had any diplomatic relationship or a Swedish ambassador, we would have expelled him, and we would have had a bigger position on a practical level,” he said.

“If we do not have a position on targeting the Quran, what issue, subject or attack can we have a position on?” Sayyid Abdul-Malik wondered.

In his speech, Sayyed Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi praised all those who took action and had a clear and courageous position, starting with the Yemeni people, who went out in angry marches and expressed with full force their position in support of the Holy Quran.

Sayyid Abdul Malik al-Houthi revealed that “the hypocrisy movement in its war against sincere affiliation that makes a man have a correct relationship with the Holy Quran, is a movement linked to the enemies of Islam and the Zionist-Jewish lobby.”

He added: “The hypocrites play a subversive role within the nation, which deviates from the authentic sincere faith orientation and their work is discouraging and domesticating the nation; their alliances with the enemies of the nation in their conspiracies, is one of the most serious and largest crimes.”

He also revealed that among the most prominent forces of contemporary hypocrisy among Muslims are the takfiris, along with the pro-American and pro-Israeli regimes and the Zionist-Jewish lobby.

“We must seek to consolidate the faith identity and faith belonging that protects us against the corruption of the satanic war that they call the soft war,” Sayyid Abdul Malik stressed.

Sayyid Abdul-Malik called on the Yemeni people to take care of the relevant activities on the occasion of the Friday of Rajab, and to consolidate their faith affiliation, faith identity and liberation faith orientation that worried the enemies.

The leader of the revolution further called on the people to pay attention to the issues of the nation and to embody the brotherhood of faith in their internal reality in order to thwart all the enemies’ projects that aims to stir up strife inside homeland.